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Love Letters and Lugers (Nov 1, 2021)

At 92 Urrah Weisle has lived an extraordinary life. A Holocaust survivor, humanitarian and noble prize-winning author, she has travelled the world lecturing and telling the stories of those that died, long ago, without a voice of their own.

It’s 2018 and, back from her latest world tour, she has decided to retire to her home in Southbend, Indiana. But, when an elderly man is found unconscious in his apartment building, mere miles from Urrah’s doorstep, her life is turned upside-down.

For seventy-five years Urrah has recounted the stories of those who did not live to give their own accounts. But there is one story more thrilling than any other. One that has gone untold for three quarters of a century.

A tale of action, drama, suspense, treachery, loss, loyalty and love. A story that, in order for her to tell, completely, she must relive a past she buried seventy-five years ago and half a world away….

…..The year is 1943 and the place is war torn Germany in a village so small and insignificant that is has been overlooked and untouched by the third Reich for more than eight years as the war rages beyond.

Villfurt is home to little more than a hundred people and the birth place of Urrah and her childhood love Erich Weiss. Seventeen years old and the daughter of a Jewish Doctor, Urrah and Erich’s mothers died while giving birth to them and, so they’ve had a very special bond all their young lives.

When fate brings a Nazi Colonel into Villfurt, on the trail of two deserters from his regiment, Urrah and her father are discovered and taken to a Jewish detainment zone. Refusing to lose Urrah, Erich sets out on a journey that will put his devotion to her to the ultimate test and he will not be found wanting.

He proves more than the fact that he is willing to die for her but also to kill and suffer immeasurably to save her as well.

Forced to join the German Army to follow her into the very belly of the Nazi beast, Erich undertakes a remarkable journey and meets a cast of characters, both wicked and wonderful, on his way towards securing her safety and freedom

Urrah watches in horror as she sees Erich die, she believes, while assisting in her, and many others, escape from the notorious concentration camp “Dachau” and for seventy-five years she has lived with that knowledge.

But, in 2018 Urrah discovers the truth and everything she has thought she’s known about the fate of Errich has been very wrong. What she discovers is all together heart wrenching and inspiring, for she learns the true measure of this mans love and dedication to her. He was not only more than willing to die for her but also to live for her as well.

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